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Lawn sprinkler system

Preparing Your Lawn Before Summer Growth

As the warmth of summer approaches, ensuring your lawn is prepared can make all the difference in achieving a vibrant and healthy landscape. In Canada, where the growing seasons can be short, getting an early start on lawn care is great idea for home owners. This article offers an easy approach to lawn preparation that […]


How to Prepare Your Trees and Garden for Winter

These are practical steps to ensure your green spaces survive the winter. Understanding Winter’s Impact on Your Garden Winter Challenges for Plants Cold temperatures can cause frost damage. Reduced sunlight affects photosynthesis. Dry winds and frozen soil limit water uptake. Pests and diseases thrive in weakened plants. In addition to preparing your garden, it’s essential […]


Don’t Be Left in the Cold – Proactive Steps to Winterize Your Home

With the 2024 winter knocking at the door, homeowners are navigating the annual task of prepping their homes for heavy snowfalls and falling temperatures. The cold can be harsh, and an unprepared property could lead to unnecessary headaches but by following following a series of simply and practical steps, you can be a homeowner that’s […]

Snow plow

Safe Snow Plowing Tips for Business Owners

As winter starts, business owners across Brantford brace themselves for snow plowing weather. If you own a business and plan on doing commercial snow plowing yourself, read our simple tips for safe and effective snow plowing that every business owner should consider. Snow Plowing Tips for Business Owners First understand your space Before the first […]

Snow plowing parking lot

How To Prepare Your Lot for Snow Plowing

If you prepare your parking lot for winter snow plowing, you can help ensure smooth operations, maintain accessibility and prevent costly damage to your property and landscaping. If you’re a business owner that wants to help minimize the impact of a harsh winter on your business, this guide will show you how you can prepare […]


Snow Plowing Services FAQ

As a business owner, ensuring the safety and accessibility of your property is a top priority, especially during the winter months. One way to do this is by hiring a company that provides snow plowing services to clear snow and ice from your parking lot and other areas. To help you make informed decisions about […]

Small front yard

Landscaping Ideas That Make Small Front Yards Look Bigger and Better

If your small front yard isn’t looking too sharp for your guests and neighbours, there are ways to landscape the space and make a big impact. Whether it’s your first home or not, mastering your small front yard can help bring out its best features and turn it into something truly special for you and […]

Round trimmed hedges

The Top Popular Shrub & Hedge Trimming Styles

Landscaping lawn maintenance is one thing, but hedging your shrubs is another level of landscaping that many people take pride in. If you have small trees and hedges anywhere on your lawn or if you’re looking for hedge ideas, continue reading.  Hedges are great for improving and boosting plant and animal diversity and enabling you […]

Lawn irrigation sprinkler

The Benefits of Adding Automatic Sprinkler System

Aside from the convenience of having an automatic lawn irrigation system installed in your yard, there are also quite a few interesting benefits. If you’re considering installing an automatic sprinkler to your yard, continue reading.  Added Convenience The major benefit is convenience. With an automatic sprinkler system installed you don’t have to do any of […]

Green grass

The Benefits of Fertilizing Your Lawn & How To Keep it Green

If you’re not fertilizing your lawn yet, you will be after reading these awesome benefits from doing so to keep your lawn beautifully green. As a homeowner, you want to do everything within reason to create a beautiful-looking home that you’re proud of. When it comes to the exterior of your home, your lawn is […]

Backyard flower bed

Make Your Backyard More Attractive with These Simple Landscaping Ideas

There are some amazing ways to make your backyard more attractive and take it from a blank slate to a beautiful yard for your whole family. Your backyard is an empty canvas just waiting for you to turn it into a work of art. There is a nearly endless array of landscaping possibilities for your backyard, […]

Best Practices for Weeding Your Lawn

People all over Brantford work hard making their lawns lush and beautiful so we’ve put together some best practices for weeding your lawn. Throughout all of this sweat and elbow grease, you struggle against the most irritating and persistent invader in any lawn. Weeds can grow nearly anywhere in your yard where there are healthy […]

Mowing grass

Tips To Keeping Your Lawn Green All Summer

Here are some helpful tips to keeping your lawn green all summer, without having to do a lot of work to get it there. When your grass turns brown, it can really ruin the look of your home and feel like areal burden to upkeep. When it comes to enjoying what you see when you […]

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