Safe Snow Plowing Tips for Business Owners

Posted Thursday, November 9th, 2023 | 396 views

Snow plowAs winter starts, business owners across Brantford brace themselves for snow plowing weather. If you own a business and plan on doing commercial snow plowing yourself, read our simple tips for safe and effective snow plowing that every business owner should consider.

Snow Plowing Tips for Business Owners

First understand your space

Before the first signs of snow, get to know your property like the back of your hand. Identify where snow should be moved to once it falls, and the location of landscape elements like curbs, fire hydrants, and areas prone to high foot or vehicle traffic.

Take a note of these important areas and make sure you don’t pile up the snow in a way that doesn’t blocks or hinder access to these areas. This prep work helps avoid property damage and ensures critical areas stay clear or snow and safe.

Keep to a regular schedule

Snow removal isn’t a one time job – it’s about maintaining a consistent upkeep schedule. A schedule helps keep things as clear of snow as possible at the right times, especially during long snowfalls.

For instance you can begin plowing when snowfall is still light, and maintain this process at regular hourly, or 2 hour intervals.  This way the snow is prevented from building up too much and causing disruptions. It also reduces the weight load on your plowing equipment, and ensures your property remains accessible.

Have the right tools for the job

If you’re going to DIY, make sure to invest in the proper snow removal equipment. The size and type of your property will determine the kind of plow you need. Remember not all plows are made equally or for the same tasks.

For instance, a small parking lot might only require a simple plow attachment for a pickup truck, but larger areas could require industrial-grade machinery like we use. When you are deciding on the right equipment to use, you can research the internet or ask a rep at your local hardware store like Home Depot or Canadian Tire for help. Once they understand your needs they’ll be able to help you choose the right equipment. 

Remember, your equipment should be well-maintained and always ready to operate at peak performance.

Choose the right products

Try to use industrial salt and chemical deicers sparingly and whenever possible, opt in for eco-friendly alternatives. If you do a search for “eco friendly deicing” you will find a list of environmentally friendly anti-icing products at your disposal.

Choose safety first

Plowing can hazardous. A lot of people get injured each year from minor snow plow accidents. Reduced visibility, slippery surfaces, and extreme temperatures are just a few challenges you can face while plowing and that could put you or your employees in danger.

Make sure to use lights and beacons to improve visibility, drive your plow slowly to maintain control, and dress in appropriate winter gear to stay warm and dry. When it comes to snow plowing, remember safety is always priority number one.

Recognize your limits

Sometimes, a DIY plowing isn’t the best policy. Be aware and recognize when a job is beyond your capability. If you lack the manpower, equipment, or know-how, hiring a professional snow removal service is a pretty smart move and can end up being more cost effective.

Although, it’s an added expense, but it’s a worthy investment to protect your property and those who use it.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

The weather is notoriously unpredictable, especially in Canada. So for the sake of continued safety and accessibility, try to keep an eye on weather forecasts and plan your snow removal accordingly. By staying as informed as possible about upcoming weather, you can have better control of your time and resources.

Clear paths too

Snow on a commercial parking-lotRemember to clear out the snow of paths and walkways. Shovel and salt sidewalks, entryways, and typical paths to cars in the parking lot. This will help prevent slips and falls of visitors and staff and reduces the risk of liability issues for your business.

Professional snow plowing companies take care of these tasks for you and ensure it’s done in a way that increases safety and reduces liability.

Communicate with your staff

Inform your staff and visitors of your snow removal plans and procedures in advance so everyone will know what to expect on days of heavy snowfall. Communication keeps everyone informed and reduces the chance of accidents.

You can also use signage to indicate where snow will be piled or post schedules of when plowing will occur, keeping everyone aware of what is happening. When you actually make everyone aware that snow plowing is happening, people start acting more careful and realize it’s a big deal. As we said safety first.

Documentation and Compliance

Research for any local regulations regarding commercial snow removal to make you’re in compliance. Even go as far as documenting your efforts and keeping logs of when and how snow was removal, including paths and walkways.

This will be invaluable in case of any disputes or legal concerns.

By following these tips, you can make sure your property remains safe, accessible, and welcoming but if you want to consider using a commercial snow plowing company instead, read our article on how to prepare for commercial snow plowing so you can prepare your lot in advance for the big trucks. 

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