The Benefits of Adding Automatic Sprinkler System

Posted Wednesday, May 11th, 2022 | 709 views

Lawn irrigation sprinklerAside from the convenience of having an automatic lawn irrigation system installed in your yard, there are also quite a few interesting benefits. If you’re considering installing an automatic sprinkler to your yard, continue reading. 

Added Convenience

The major benefit is convenience. With an automatic sprinkler system installed you don’t have to do any of the watering yourself. You simply set it once and forget about it. You don’t need to turn it on at certain times, and you don’t need to be around to turn it off. 

Automatic Sprinklers are Fairly Easy to Install

Depending on the system you purchase, automatic sprinklers are generally quite easy to install yourself. The tools you’ll need can be found in your tool box and aside from a shovel and maybe a wheel barrel, there’s nothing else you need other than to read the installation instructions. 

You can also hire a landscaping company to install your sprinkler system for you if you’re not comfortable doing it by yourself. Hiring a professional is a good option if you want to ensure that it’s done right the first time.

No Hoses and No Sprinkles to Carry Around

Lawn sprinklerThe best part about an automatic sprinkler system is that you never need to carry around hoses and sprinklers. As much as people love their lawns, it really is a burden knowing you have to grab the hose, connect the sprinkler and move it all around your lawn at intervals.

It’s even worse for those that prefer to water their lawns at night. No one wants to lug around a hose for 2 hours and have to wait for their lawn to be finished watering before bed time. 

With an automatic system all parts of your lawn get properly watered and you don’t even have to think about it.

Water Usage is Regulated

With an automatic irrigation system you reap the benefits of regulating your water usages. Because the system starts and stops at specific intervals, and uses the same amount of water each time, you can closely monitor and predict your water usage, and more clearly understand your water bills. 

Control Your Lawn From Your Phone

Did you know there are what are called Smart Sprinkler Systems? These systems are so advanced that you can actually control them from your phone from anywhere you are in the world. Although your system will probably be set up to water your lawn automatically at certain days and times, with a Smart system, you can take control of your lawn irrigation at times when you may need to. 

With a simple app. on your phone you can adjust your watering schedule according to weather changes (like if it’s going to rain) and even change the type of watering options which are all just a few taps of your phone away. 

Overall one of the best benefits to an automatic watering system is how it helps you to easily keep your lawn green and healthy all summer long. For more information maintaining a healthy lawn, read our article on how to keep your lawn green all summer for more details.

Easier to Water at Night or Early Morning

Automatic lawn sprinklers are the perfect solution for those that prefer to water their lawns at night. A lot of lawn care specialists actually advise that lawn watering be done at night verses during the day when the mixture of water and the hot sun can scorch the lawn. With an automatic system, you simply set the days and evening time to water and you sit back and forget it. 

Watering your lawn in the heat of the afternoon can also cause the water to evaporate quicker which leads to wasted water and higher water bills if your irrigating regularly. 

Your Lawn Will Be Healthier

Because your lawn is getting watered regularly, your lawn will thank you for it and be much more lush and healthy. Without an automatic sprinkler system, you can miss days or just forget to water your lawn for weeks. This is how lawns start to turn yellow and brown, and show signs that it’s turning unhealthy. 

Regular watering keeps your lawn nourished, and will reduce over-watering too.

A Common Sense Approach to Lawn Maintenance

Automatic lawn sprinklers are quite inexpensive. If you own a home, you can definitely afford one and have it installed in no time. You’ll probably wonder why you hadn’t thought about installing years ago. 

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