Landscaping Ideas That Make Small Front Yards Look Bigger and Better

Posted Tuesday, November 1st, 2022 | 737 views

Example of a small front yardIf your small front yard isn’t looking too sharp for your guests and neighbours, there are ways to landscape the space and make a big impact. Whether it’s your first home or not, mastering your small front yard can help bring out its best features and turn it into something truly special for you and your family.

Your front yard doesn’t have to be large in order for it to be beautiful and pleasing to the eye. A small front yard can have just as much character and personality as a larger one.

Here are some ideas for creating an amazing space—even if yours only measures 15 by 15 feet!

Add Patio Stones and Small Plants

While small front yards can be challenging to design, there are many ways to make them beautiful and functional.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to make your small space work with its size, here are some ideas:

  • Use accent pieces around the edges of the garden. These could include plants that draw attention or line up with the architecture of your house, such as a row of hedges along the bottom edge or some flowering shrubs along an outer wall.
  • Use paving stones in different colours throughout your property so they lead visitors around corners smoothly while still keeping things visually interesting.
  • For the paving stone, you could also scatter smaller plants beside so they help frame each feature individually without taking away too much focus from other parts elsewhere on site. 

We recommend using taller varieties here since having something closer in height will give viewers a better sense about what lies beyond without needing additional context like shadows could provide.

Things You Can Put in a Small Front Yard

Front yard with treeSmall yards can feel even smaller when you’re trying to make a major design statement. To add interest and functionality without going overboard, consider the following:

  • Trees: A few trees will not only give your yard some shade from the hot sun and provide some privacy but they also look beautiful and nicely adorn your front lawn for many years.
  • New stepping stones: New stepping stones that lead up towards the front door are rather inexpensive can make an older house look pretty new. They can be beautiful and are a good starting point to making your yard look more rich and welcoming.
  • Water features: A fountain is an interesting way to add flavour to your front lawn without going over your budget. You definitely wouldn’t want to make a fountain the predominant feature of a small yard, but small ones that can blend in nicely will still do the trick.
  • Statues: Add a few small or medium sized statues. You can place them beside a tree or tuck them somewhere near your blower bed. Small statures when done right can make your small front lawn and garden look cute and inviting.
  • Fences: Fences can be used as dividers between properties or simply as a backdrop for plants and other landscaping elements. They don’t have to be official divisions between properties and they’re great for keeping pets contained and safe in your yard.

Before You Start

If you’re looking to make the best use of your front yard, it’s important that you start by defining what your goals are. Ask yourself a few questions like are you hoping create a family gathering space? Are you interested in growing fruit trees for yourself and others? Do you just want a simple front lawn that looks pretty to passersby?

The possibilities are endless but these type of questions need to be asked so you can define the real purpose of the project you’re about to undertake.

Front Yard Landscaping Can Increase the Home’s Value

Front yard with treesEven your small front yard can make a big impact with the right landscaping. Landscaping can do a number of really great things for your yard, from making it appear larger to making it look more attractive to potential buyers by adding value.

There are many different types of landscaping services available but you can choose to do some simple changes like adding tree shrubs and flowers, adding stone or brick retaining walls, and stone pathways – things people often desire when choosing homes in the suburbs.

It’s a known fact in the real estate world that a nice front yard can make all the difference in how home buyers perceive your home and helps make the buying decision much more easier.

Things You Shouldn’t Put in a Small Front Yard

Remember that a small front yard should only have the essentials. Don’t add in any huge projects that just don’t look right and that you’ll eventually regret adding.

Here are five examples of things you should not add to a small front yard:

  • a swimming pool
  • a large front deck
  • any kind of sporting platform
  • too many shrubs and hedges
  • a vegetable garden

We know that some people just like these things but others don’t so unless you plan on living on that home forever, think about how hard it will be to sell it if there’s something that future home owners just don’t want. 

Now to the Backyard!

There are many ways to spruce up a small front yard to create a welcoming space but don’t forget your backyard. Read our article Make Your Backyard More Attractive with These Simple Landscaping Ideas for tips on making your backyard a more attractive place for the whole family.

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